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 About Transplant Buddies
Our Mission

Established in 1999, the TransplantBuddies site provides information about the transplant process, resources covering drugs and side effects, and daily discussions about living life as a transplant patient. The site also includes members' photos and life stories covering experiences of both transplant recipients and donors.

Our goal is to be friendly, supportive, and most of all, informative about all aspects of transplantation. If we don't have an immediate answer to a question, we will search the Internet for information for you.

Our members include patients who are exploring or waiting for a life saving organ transplant, transplant patients who are seeking support on a daily basis, and families who are supporting loved ones. Patients and families participate in conversations on the forum; anyone with an interest in transplantation is welcome.

At first the all-volunteer group was small: several dedicated members mentored others, answered questions, and shared experiences and insights. It became an online family. My surgeon, Dr. Pham at Jackson Memorial Hospital, was also very encouraging – he provided many medical links and most importantly, an initial Webmaster, who was also inspiring and helpful in many ways. About six months later in early 2000, John, a kidney and pancreas transplant recipient, joined TransplantBuddies as a member and became our Webmaster and designer.

TransplantBuddies attracts thousands of members from around the world who currently include the United States, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, China, Germany, New Zealand, England, Israel, Austria, Greece, Japan, Pakistan, India, Sweden and Romania.

We hope that you will read what we have online, and that you will join us to contribute your personal knowledge and experiences to our ever-growing group.

I'm very proud of what our site has become and would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the site. TransplantBuddies would not be what it is today without your experiences and knowledge. Thank you all!


If you'd like to let others know about, you can download a printable copy of our flyer:

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Forum Leaders

The Forum leaders have been chosen from the general population of Transplant Buddies membership to serve as mentors to others going through the ordeal of transplant. They serve to welcome new members into Transplant Buddies, answer questions raised by the general population, poise new questions/posts or threads for participation. While Forum Leaders may share personal experiences with others, it should be noted, that unless otherwise stated they are not medical professionals and cannot dispense medical procedures or practices.

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Contact Us

Please contact Risa at if you have suggestions or issues with the site.

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Tributes from medical professionals and our members

I found this site in January 2008 and have loved it since I signed on. It has helped me a lot to see that others have been through what I have been through. I also have had the chance to meet another member in person and meeting her was great. It's an awesome feeling to be able to help others who are waiting and to be able to tell them what the experience of transplants was like so that they can get an idea of what they might go through. Sometimes the doctors just don't do it justice or tell you exactly everything that you want to know. I wish that I had found this site before I had my transplants so that I could have talked to more people about it. I am so glad that I joined TransplantBuddies!!
Double lung and liver transplant 1/31/07, first one at the Cleveland Clinic

As a newbie, I am very impressed by the friendly attitude and openness of the members. The information and support is wonderful!
Kidney Donor to Husband, 10/07
Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri

When I found TransplantBuddies, I found a home. I was scared and felt very alone when I went searching on the Internet about lung transplant. I had been sick for two years and had lost hope that I would ever get better. I knew that lung transplant was out there, but I didn't really know if it was an option for me. After finding TransplantBuddies and reading all I could read about lung transplant, I started to have hope again that one day I might be free of this unrelenting lung disease. I read a lot at first, but did not post. Once I started posting, it was as if I was instantly a part of the family. I was given so much support and real answers to my questions. I had found a group of friends that just wanted to help. Because of the help I received from the people on this website I took the necessary steps to be evaluated for lung transplant. I am now on the lung transplant list at the Cleveland Clinic eagerly awaiting my chance to have a new life. A chance to once again dance with my son!! Thank you to all of the TransplantBuddies!!
Dx: Bronchiolitis Obliterans, waiting for double lung transplant at Cleveland Clinic

This TransplantBuddies web site is a must for all transplants and caregivers who think they are alone in the world of transplant. Thank you Risa for all the advice and comfort you and others like yourself provide here.
Heart transplant 8/18/98

When I faced kidney failure in June '07, I entered a new and scary world, full of questions and doubts. Shortly thereafter I found this site, and what a difference it made for me. I had a great PD nurse who answered many questions, but she wasn't there at all hours of the day and this site was. I have made some good online friends here and have had a lot of support that I probably wouldn't have found elsewhere. It is always nice to hear news and info straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I still have a lot to learn, but what I have learned, a great deal of it came from TransplantBuddies.
Jeff W., Forum Leader-Kidney
Kidney transplant 10/26/07

Transplantbuddies offers a unique, informative, and supportive environment for all who are sharing the road to transplant and beyond. Most who come here for support, feel a nurturing usually only found with family and close friends as most feel the embrace from around the world. There are many with vast knowledge of not only ways to care for those who have just been diagnosed with and illness that may require a transplant in the future, or for those who have been waiting and may be overwhelmed with the stresses involved in the wait and finally, there is a large community of buddies who have already gone through the process and are ready to lend a shoulder, love and warmth that we all need to recover in a healthy way. I have been coming to Transplantbuddies for 3 years now and arrived very scared and unsure after just going through the listing procedure for a liver transplant. I have been a nurse for 21 years, but still gain education from the wonderful people here. They have encouraged me and given me strength that only those who live it can give. Thank You Transplantbuddies.
Linda M RN, waiting for transplant

TransplantBuddies is a wonderful place to come. It is a place that you can share all your highs, accomplishments, goals, and know that people can relate to you. You can also come here if you have questions, fears, a shoulder to cry on, or a cheerleader. I have been able to feel all of these things and there are days when I can't wait to get home and touch base with my transplant family. There is such an abundance of information both though different areas in the site and then there are people who have been there and done that. The "community" can offer that support that none of your family members can, no matter how much they want to.
Kidney Transplant 12/5/05, Nebraska Medical Center

I have been waiting for a heart transplant now for 18 months. I felt so alone and depressed until I found this site. I instantly had a group of friends (and believe me they really do all become friends) that understood and could relate to what I was going through. This site has been a godsend for me. You will find laughter, tears, frustration, contentment, happiness, help, a shoulder to cry on. Whatever you need at the time, there is someone here that will understand and everyone will try to help you through whatever it is you are struggling with. They say there is strength in numbers... well climb aboard for all the strength and support you need. This site is totally AWESOME!!!
Holly Mulkerin, waiting for heart transplant at Cleveland Clinic

I thank God He let me have Jeremy for 28 years. I thank God that he sent me to the only place on earth I would be able to heal.
Kate, Jeremy's Mom

I am a Kidney Transplant recipient and always have been looking for a support group in some way. When I found TransplantBuddies while searching the Internet, once again I was reminded of the deep value of friendship in my life. This time it was slightly more meaningful in the sense we all share a common but special bond, in the world of TRANSPLANT. I am so blessed and grateful beyond words to all of my transplant buddies who continue to encourage me, and help me along this path in every way- emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I couldn't possibly list all of you here- but you know who you are, and from the bottom of my heart, I Thank You for sharing your hearts to me!
Kidney transplant 7/1/07


Transplant recipients here come from USA,Canada,Germany, Netherlands,Japan,China, and so on. We live,work and study in different countries,but we have a pleasant talk and a cheerful greeting everyday. We have different colors and races,but everyone can obtain other's help , encouragement and prayer. We have not even same creed,but we are on good terms with each other.

C lucky

Wanted to let you all know I went to see the doctor today. He removed my staples, cut down my Prograf and Medrol and says my labs are great. I always tell him about this website and what a great help it has been to me. I've also told the social worker so that she can refer it to others. She was very impressed when she looked at it (which I knew she would be). I have never felt so loved and comforted as you all have made me feel and I am so grateful to have found you in my time of need. I hope I can steer others here who are searching as I once was. I love you all.
Peace & Blessings,
Christmas Liver 12/25/09
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