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Living Kidney Donors: Post Donation Things to Consider
Through the Eyes of CF/Transplant
Traveling with Transplant
TransplantBuddies Member Anne's Address on Donation

TransplantBuddies in the News
Castro Valley woman runs in 5K after transplant
Steve's Blog: May 23, 2007
Steve Ferkau on
News of Kelli's Transplant Journey
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Student's Wish Comes True While Pushing Past Illness (Lizzie Groenweghe) 5/15/08
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Wes Side: Terri's Marathon (Terri Willis) - 11/6/07
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Swampscott Mother Waits for Pair of Life-Saving Lungs-Follow Up

Transplant Information
General Immunology
Heart Transplant Basics
Kidney Transplant Basics
Liver Transplant Basics
Lung Transplant Basics
Pancreas Transplant Basics

Drug Information
Patient Information
(Brand Name first, then Chemical Name)
Full Prescribing Information
(Chemical Name first, then Brand Name)
CellCept / Mycophenolate mofetil azathioprine / Imuran
Cytovene / ganciclovir basiliximab / Simulect
Imuran / azathioprine cyclosporine (modified) / Neoral and Gengraf
Neoral-Sandimmune / cyclosporine cyclosporine / Sandimmune
Prednisone / corticosteroids daclizumab / Zenapax
Prograf / tacrolimus ganciclovir / Cytovene
Rapamune / sirolimus mycophenolate mofetil / CellCept
Valcyte / valganciclovir prednisone / Deltasone
  tacrolimus / Prograf
  sirolimus / Rapamune (PDF)
  anti-thymocyte globulin / Thymoglobulin

Additional Information
Herb and Drug Interactions
Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Oxidation of LDL With Tacrolimus Treatment
Post-Transplant Diabetes mellitus
Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder
Post-Transplant Viral Inifection
Pro & Con: Routine Renal Graft Biopsies?
Recipient Factors In Liver Allograft Survival
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

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