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  Thread Original Poster Last Poster Posts Pages Last Post
Herbs and Lung transplant- my experienceHostess RiséHostess Risé06-21-18  02:01 pm for Cystic Fibrosis ResearchHostess RiséHostess Risé11-10-17  11:49 am
Top information on Heart transplantMathew GeorgeMathew George05-11-17  09:50 am
questions a US citizen has regarding visiting the UK CassieHostess Risé12-17-16  10:29 am
Dr. Matthias Loebe joins Miami Transplant InsititueHostess RiséHostess Risé10-29-16  06:19 pm
Sterum pain post lung transplantvickiHostess Risé10-08-16  12:06 pm
Lung transplant questionAnnettevicki09-25-16  06:02 am
Woman still defying odds 15 years after double-lung transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé06-06-16  01:31 pm
Teen turns heart transplant experience into service projectHostess RiséHostess Risé06-05-16  10:40 pm
Woman, 22, in need of double lung transplant after body rejects fir...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-31-16  08:30 am
Brave two-year-old receives heart transplant after record 14 months...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-29-16  01:46 pm
Man first in Michigan to receive 'heart in a box' transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé05-29-16  01:44 pm
Local Man Enjoying Life After Long-Awaited Heart TransplantHostess RiséHostess Risé05-28-16  11:43 am
Young heart transplant recipient celebrates 3rd birthdayHostess RiséHostess Risé05-23-16  08:36 pm
Loss, life intertwine through transplant experiencesHostess RiséHostess Risé05-23-16  08:34 pm
Teen heart transplant patient given puppyHostess RiséHostess Risé05-19-16  11:01 am
Double lung transplant gives woman gift of lifeHostess RiséHostess Risé05-19-16  10:58 am
Please Help: Young Father Needs Lung Transplant Cystic FibrosisHostess RiséHostess Risé05-18-16  10:02 am
Increasing the transplant donor pool by fixing lungs outside of the...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-18-16  09:52 am
Not missing a beat: Riceville man celebrates 32nd anniversary of he...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-18-16  09:51 am
County Durham's Nick Talbot becomes the first person with cystic fi...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-13-16  08:20 pm
Having Cystic Fibrosis Changes Everything, And This Woman’s Life Sh...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-13-16  10:36 am
Overcoming transplant, Eisenhower pitcher remains ‘heart’ of rotationHostess RiséHostess Risé05-13-16  10:25 am
Molly's Kids: 10 weeks old and waiting for a heart transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé05-12-16  05:03 pm
Rockledge mom recovering after second lung transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé05-11-16  07:17 pm
Heartbreak as 'miracle' heart transplant boy returns to hospital af...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-03-16  11:11 am
Va. heart transplant recipient enjoying new life after surgery Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-01-16  06:18 pm
Teacher Runs 5K Months After Undergoing Double Lung TransplantHostess RiséHostess Risé05-01-16  06:12 pm
Paying it forwardJackJack04-28-16  01:26 am
On the list for 13 years: Cork transplant patient starts selfie cam...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-27-16  04:55 pm
Man Celebrates 33 Years of Life After Heart TransplantHostess RiséHostess Risé04-27-16  04:52 pm
Pulmonary Transplant FoundationHostess RiséHostess Risé04-27-16  04:39 pm
Double-lung transplant gives Bardstown woman new lifeHostess RiséHostess Risé04-26-16  07:06 pm
Rare ‘Domino’ Transplant At Stanford Leaves 2 Women With New OrgansHostess RiséHostess Risé04-25-16  12:35 pm
California Has Finally Stopped Denying Organ Transplants to Medical...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-24-16  12:45 pm
Miracle Patient Overcomes Unique Challenges to Receive Double Lung ...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-24-16  12:43 pm
The Legacy of Baby FaeHostess RiséHostess Risé04-24-16  12:22 pm
Local teen with heart transplant gets key to the cityHostess RiséHostess Risé04-24-16  12:19 pm
Heart transplant consortium celebrates 30 years Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-23-16  11:45 am
Nutrition after Lung TransplantHostess RiséHostess Risé04-21-16  04:52 pm
Teen No Longer Needs Lung Transplant After 'Miracle' RecoveryHostess RiséHostess Risé04-21-16  04:42 pm
Double lung transplant gives 35-year-old new lease of life Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-20-16  10:03 am
Father Crosses Marathon Finish Line With Son Who Needs Heart Transp...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-20-16  10:01 am
Bactrim/Septra (lung transplant)TransplantFriends.coDAP112204-18-16  10:10 am
Rare transplant procedure at Stanford Hospital saves two women's li...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-16-16  09:16 pm
Nebraska Medicine performs their second lung transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé04-16-16  08:41 am
High-volume lung transplant centers have lower costs and readmissionsHostess RiséHostess Risé04-16-16  08:34 am
Astra 100 Spirometer- doctors use this machineHostess RiséHostess Risé11-30-15  02:38 pm
Heart transplant question on Transplant FriendsHostess RiséHostess Risé11-20-15  03:29 pm
Lung Transplant Art on Facebook Hostess RiséHostess Risé10-10-15  09:40 pm
Heart Transplant Awareness ART on FacebookHostess RiséHostess Risé10-09-15  09:19 pm
Organ Donor Awareness Art on Facebook (LUNGS)Hostess RiséHostess Risé10-09-15  09:16 pm
Heart Transplant Test- ALLOMAP NewsHostess RiséHostess Risé10-09-15  04:39 pm
Made the listJake Cora 09-23-15  06:51 pm
Antibiotics could have (and might yet) have done me in.Jay LackritzDAP112206-27-15  10:14 am
‘It’s a Mother’s Day story’ -Karen R from this site is in the newsHostess RiséHostess Risé06-22-15  11:25 am
Safe Drinking WaterWaltHostess Risé01-21-15  10:24 am
Nicaragua?CassieStarla01-19-15  09:57 pm
How long does it take to get on the heart transplant list?NicoleNicole11-19-14  01:27 am
New York Lung Transplant Holiday PartyJay LackritzJay Lackritz11-17-14  10:32 am
Update and a few questions!HermitHermit11-04-14  07:39 pm
Discovery Science Channel looking for transplant recipients for new...Olivia - Raw TVHermit11-04-14  06:22 pm
What to expect...Rick C. Rick C. 10-28-14  03:27 pm
help? wanting to move to the UK from USACassieCassie10-24-14  02:39 pm
Run awayCassieCassie10-23-14  07:32 pm
NEED HELP FOR A TRANSPLANT ‘THANK YOU’ PROJECTChandler WestChandler West10-07-14  07:00 pm
Heart transplant patient accused Nurse of what?Hostess RiséHostess Risé09-18-14  10:18 am
Tekulve Undergoes Sucessful Heart TransplantHostess RiséHostess Risé09-18-14  10:11 am
Im new - asking about chronic rejection - double lungkim1985Eve13 09-12-14  05:07 pm
Skydiving?CassieJay Lackritz09-04-14  07:35 pm
tacrolimus side effectsellmoJack08-28-14  10:38 am
SRTR has reeased new data on lung transplantsJay LackritzJay Lackritz07-28-14  02:21 pm
Lung Transplant EvaluationmioceanHostess Risé18 07-27-14  03:32 pm
Kidney function after Heart TransplantLisaJLisaJ07-10-14  08:29 pm
Switching from Neoral to Prograf?TxnynyJay Lackritz06-29-14  05:23 am
Hey everyone! I'm now 5 years out!HermitJay Lackritz06-29-14  05:10 am
bras after transplantjannnnnnjannnnnn06-23-14  08:09 pm
Looking for tranplantees who feel they have changed since their opLTsukiLTsuki05-27-14  09:16 am
Change in Lung Allocation policy - public commentJay LackritzJay Lackritz05-23-14  12:30 am
Prograf serum levels,Cellcept, Cyclosporine serum levels, vitamin ...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-11-14  10:43 am
atrial fibrillation after transplantMargiMargi05-10-14  09:41 am
Need advice re: supplementing magnesium oxideLaurensmomLaurensmom11 04-04-14  09:43 pm
StatinsStarlaHostess Risé03-28-14  01:11 pm
flus & coldsAlexHostess Risé11 03-15-14  11:00 am
New lungsSarah's momSarah's mom03-08-14  10:59 pm
Heart not strong enough for transplantRussell McCartenJay Lackritz02-27-14  05:25 pm
Constrictive bronchiolitisNancyCarole01-21-14  03:46 pm
Has anyone fostered or adopted a child post-transplant?KimTamara01-15-14  03:50 am
Lung ReTransplant and FEV1natashaHostess Risé15 01-13-14  06:30 pm
Thoracic Compression fractureBraveheart1Braveheart112-26-13  01:15 am
Artificial Heart TransplantHostess Risépapillonbleu12-25-13  08:24 pm
Another anniversary !Marc Hammanpapillonbleu12-23-13  10:26 am
Antibodies and DesensitizationPete QMarc Hamman12-08-13  05:27 am
My dad got his LVADbrandyPete Q12-07-13  06:30 pm
Parent of pediatric heart transplantee seeking advice/comfortSusan Xpapillonbleu12-06-13  10:57 am
Lung Transplant Recipient quest to know donorHostess RiséHostess Risé11-29-13  07:19 pm
Please Support our Friend DewHostess RiséHostess Risé11-29-13  02:27 pm
Lung Transplant Holiday PartyJay LackritzJay Lackritz11-26-13  04:58 pm
Lungs don't die when you do- new transplant programHostess RiséHostess Risé11-26-13  10:19 am
Help with medsJaekajs11-19-13  09:27 pm
Heart pump and heart transplant question and support brandybrandy11-18-13  03:30 pm
Tampa Generalsjmc0330ajs11-13-13  05:51 pm
Heart transplant page (facebook)HTA-STLHTA-STL11-11-13  07:38 pm
Found my donor.ajsHostess Risé10-29-13  05:03 pm
Need Support For transplantTeflonDivaHostess Risé10-18-13  10:19 pm
Hoping to be the lucky exceptiondjuniquegHostess Risé10-15-13  07:08 pm
Donor specific antibody rejection and plasmapheresisKtajs10-13-13  06:34 pm
UCLA denied my lung transplant because...Nan of CAHostess Risé10-11-13  09:57 pm
Funny storyajsajs10-06-13  10:52 pm
PFT Pulmonary Function Test Technique?Hostess Riséajs10-06-13  04:44 pm
Gone into heart failure after transplantMargipapillonbleu10-02-13  10:46 am
Scared another doctor todayJay Lackritzpapillonbleu10-01-13  10:29 am
Frustrated with center. Feasibility of travelling to another.SteveDNola09-14-13  03:30 pm
UCLA received my medical recordsNan of CAGordon08-27-13  03:58 pm
Single Lung Transplant !!!DeniseHostess Risé08-22-13  03:43 pm
Inspiring Heart patient at World Transplant GamesHostess RiséHostess Risé08-13-13  01:46 pm
Post transplant questionTruly BlessedTruly Blessed14 08-07-13  07:43 pm
On the ListTimHitchhiker21 08-07-13  02:34 pm
heartmichael fadianDAP112208-05-13  10:12 am
Question regarding donor specific antibodiesAngieajs10 07-23-13  03:14 pm
Body temperatureCarolynDAP112207-18-13  09:35 am
The Artificial Heart Is Getting a Bovine BoostJay LackritzJay Lackritz07-13-13  04:53 pm
Sarah Murnaghan Gets Second Lung Transplant, First Failed: FamilyJay LackritzJay Lackritz07-09-13  12:13 pm
Six month check-up.ajsajs07-07-13  01:19 pm
Fundraising effortsTimHostess Risé07-05-13  06:45 pm
UW's First double lung transplant 20 years later Cystic Fibrosis Hostess RiséHostess Risé07-03-13  08:11 pm
Fellow Floridians - help needed for petition!! please read!LindseyHostess Risé07-01-13  06:08 pm
Local man undergoes successful double lung transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé06-26-13  05:51 pm
Rules for Pediatric versus Adult lung allocationMarielHostess Risé25 06-15-13  07:15 pm
Vote Allows Children Under 12 Seeking Lung Transplant to Have Case ...Jay LackritzHostess Risé06-11-13  04:07 pm
Paging AJS to the RescueHostess RiséHostess Risé16 06-10-13  07:59 pm
Things we should drinkTimTim06-07-13  05:31 pm
Identity transplantTimajs06-04-13  10:34 am
The Scientific 7 - Minute workout.ajsHostess Risé05-29-13  03:50 pm
Why is prograf better than cyclosporin?KtHappy2Bhere05-24-13  05:21 pm
The post you've been waiting for....maybe.ajsKaren R.05-20-13  09:34 pm
Interesting Heart Transplant ArticleDAP1122Hostess Risé05-02-13  02:34 pm
OsteoporosisTamaraTamara25 04-26-13  11:20 am
Exercise, Prograf and your lungs.ajsKaren R.04-24-13  12:27 am
Looks like we are back!ajsHostess Risé17 04-18-13  08:07 pm
Cleveland Clinic Health Chat 4/17 @ 12 NoonHostess RiséHostess Risé04-16-13  11:41 pm
378 plus pre and post double lung-heart-kidney-liver transplant me...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-07-13  12:39 pm
Over 360 pre and post Heart transplant members on Transplant Friend...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-07-13  12:38 pm
New procedure gives hope to lung transplant patientsHostess RiséHostess Risé04-06-13  01:57 pm
Lung Transplant QuestionHostess RiséHostess Risé03-04-13  02:55 pm
Donor specific antibodiesajsHostess Risé02-09-13  02:06 pm
Inhaled Prograf?Hostess RiséHostess Risé01-07-13  08:55 pm
Hello EveryoneRaberlepeterdickens02-14-17  03:37 am
24 year old on transplant list - SCAREDTHTH11-01-16  05:53 pm
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