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Add New Liver-Multivisceral Transplant Discussion

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One year after Liver Transplantfrancisabrahamfrancisabraham10-11-18  06:44 am
Keep your dear mother smiling and happy on Mother’s Day with flower...HampersusaHampersusa06-29-17  04:31 am
Top information on liver transplantMathew GeorgeMathew George05-04-17  05:45 am
Newly Liver Transplanted Patient (1 Month)Andrewregscott03-11-17  01:58 pm
Cal volleyball player Savannah Rennie undergoes liver transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé05-19-16  10:56 am
Sturgeon Bay woman completes multiple organ transplantHostess RiséHostess Risé05-06-16  10:17 am
Curing hepatitis C - transplant opportunities for patients with oth...Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-04-16  04:47 pm
London liver transplant research breaks new ground Hostess RiséHostess Risé05-02-16  05:06 pm
Fecal Transplant StoryHostess RiséHostess Risé04-24-16  12:16 pm
Multi-organ transplant recipient urges New Brunswickers to sign don...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-23-16  11:46 am
Nearly 30 years later, tiny transplant patient has beaten the oddsHostess RiséHostess Risé04-23-16  11:43 am
Eight-organ transplant saves life of Texas toddler in Miami Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-22-16  11:21 am
Probiotics application of 'healthy bacteria' to liver transplant re...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-22-16  10:56 am
Probiotics Lower Rate of Infection Following Liver TransplantHostess RiséHostess Risé04-21-16  04:50 pm
Probiotic use in preventing postoperative infection in liver transp...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-21-16  04:50 pm
The transplant is just the start, then come the billsHostess RiséHostess Risé04-20-16  10:05 am
Latest News and Research on Liver TransplantationHostess RiséHostess Risé04-16-16  09:27 pm
Long-term benefits to the kidney in simultaneous liver-kidney trans...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-16-16  08:35 am
Has anyone had trouble with Scar Tissue in their bile duct post tra...Hostess RiséHostess Risé06-22-15  11:31 am
Liver Rejection Symptoms 8 years after transplantTaraTony12-18-14  03:11 am
waiting stillMarielH&D11-30-14  05:31 am
high blood sugar and weight gainNewManGaryP11-13-14  04:39 pm
Anxious wifeRuby MagnoliaRuby Magnolia11-12-14  08:05 am
Has anyone drunk alcohol after?Sophiecpnair11-10-14  09:15 pm
TX, multiple lists, and traveling out of stateHitcHMariel10-23-14  10:06 am
What to expect confusion.JeremyBob200606-28-14  06:26 pm
What to expect confusion.JeremyJeremy06-23-14  12:37 pm
Gonna start new IncivekFoofooPAJ26 06-13-14  12:23 pm
Weight before transplantloriGlevans04-03-14  12:25 am
Hep C cure ...RussHenry11 01-29-14  11:16 pm
Generic PrografCarolKpapillonbleu01-28-14  10:49 pm
CyclosporinebabeshmebDiane L.11-07-13  02:53 pm
Depression Post TransplantLindyBjimmyjjohn30 11-07-13  06:30 am
Liver Transplant Medication Issues.Diane L.Diane L.11-06-13  02:53 pm
Pair of Liver Transplant Recipients welcome a babyHostess RiséHostess Risé09-18-13  05:33 pm
looking for transplant center - ANYWHEREakogerJulie transplant lib09-06-13  09:10 pm
melatoninellenHostess Risé08-25-13  03:49 pm
albumin infusionsgreenForest07-24-13  12:03 am
Ok, what would you do (hospital gave wrong med)AbbeHostess Risé05-15-13  09:41 pm
U Mass Memorial Medical center Transplant ReportHostess RiséHostess Risé04-22-13  08:01 pm
Effect on liver function of cellcept and advagraphTransplantFriends.coTransplantFriends.co04-15-13  12:39 am
Fatty Liver Disease Chat -Blog Talk Radio Show Columbia SurgeryHostess RiséHostess Risé03-30-13  06:56 pm
High Hematocrit, hemoglobin and RBCHostess RiséHostess Risé03-04-13  03:00 pm
How long after TIPS did you get drained?bobHostess Risé03-03-13  06:19 pm
Nexium, Prilosec , Omeprazole?Hostess RiséBob200601-22-13  06:46 pm
umbilacus herniaellenHostess Risé10 12-20-12  05:53 pm
Piedmont Hospital?TerriDave06-28-12  10:21 pm
medical id bracelet/necklaceNewManHilary12 06-26-12  03:51 pm
Feeling lostMohanTwinks6806-25-12  08:54 pm
Does the fear of rejection ever subside?Blessedono13 06-20-12  10:21 pm
I didn't know it would be this hardjackieono10 06-18-12  03:28 pm
Trouble Eating/Hypersensitive Taste?jackiethhout06-07-12  05:16 pm
To everyone who is about to celebrate an anniversary:Abbemikesimon06-01-12  05:29 pm
inflammed liver CarolKForest06-01-12  01:19 pm
inguinal hernia painbobBob200605-31-12  11:32 pm
inflammed liver CarolKCarolK05-31-12  06:14 pm
Transplnt Scar ItchingkateincalifTerri05-28-12  12:14 am
Trouble Eating/Hypersensitive Taste?jackieBob200605-27-12  09:55 pm
How To Be Sick-Toni Bernhardmioceanmiocean05-17-12  01:33 pm
Is there a difference between Generic and Name Brand Prograf and Ce...StephanieZeke15 05-14-12  03:49 pm
My liver numbersTerriTerri05-01-12  02:39 pm
Can you donate a liver twice?DallasLiver Giver04-18-12  04:59 pm
Organ Donationmioceansuri04-16-12  09:03 pm
Having TIPS done on Monday...bobAbbe04-16-12  03:01 pm
cramps on legs and handsjennBD10 04-16-12  11:54 am
Acute confusion after liver transplantNadiapapillonbleu15 04-08-12  04:05 pm
Does anyone know a RN (nurse) who has had an organ transplant?AmandaAmanda04-06-12  11:19 pm
Which anti-rejection drugs have the lowest side effects?babeshmebMohan04-05-12  10:59 pm
EndemamarlaBob200604-03-12  01:51 pm
MELD Scores? Help!Anxiously WaitingA+ willing donor15 04-03-12  01:29 am
Post tx sleeping questionStephanieBD23 03-31-12  04:54 pm
Getting a tattoo if you have liver diseasebobAbbe03-30-12  02:24 pm
6 weeks of Incivek down...6 more to goFoofooFoofoo03-29-12  12:29 pm
Reduced sense of taste?bobbob03-29-12  10:47 am
Silly Question about TipsStephanieStanley03-28-12  09:30 pm
Eyes still yellow?AbbeAbbe03-27-12  01:18 pm
Another Social Security Disabilty Questionbobbob03-24-12  03:40 am
Anyone transplanted because of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis?AmandaJoe Berry03-20-12  11:43 pm
Milk thistle & SAM-Ebobpapillonbleu03-18-12  11:01 am
Insurance, social security disablilty questionbobSusie03-13-12  08:27 pm
Major weight gain after transplant?ACAbbe13 03-13-12  01:55 pm
Multi-Listing Consultants?MarielMariel03-09-12  03:41 pm
Does anyone ever feel like they were held back in life by their sic...AbbeMariel03-06-12  01:01 pm
severe itching after liver transplantBrianaC-lucky03-04-12  10:08 pm
willing to donateA+ willing donorpapillonbleu02-28-12  10:50 am
Popular Liver & Multi-visceral Transplant TopicsHostess RiseJoe Berry502 26 02-27-12  10:25 pm
Elevated Liver Enzymes Post Surgeryhealth journeyAC02-27-12  12:46 pm
I'm new and have a few questions...StephanieAC11 02-27-12  12:42 pm
fat stomach post liver txCarolKAC15 02-27-12  12:33 pm
Has anyone had water drained?bobAC10 02-27-12  12:25 pm
Disability questionbobAC18 02-27-12  12:22 pm
side effects from PrografDiane L.BOBBY02-24-12  02:52 pm
How often do you have labs post tx when doing well?Try HardBob200612 02-21-12  11:56 am
ways to manage fluid after paracentesisbobTony02-17-12  02:17 am
Question about Rx pricesbobJoe Berry02-15-12  11:48 pm
My Liver VS. My kidneysTerriTry Hard02-12-12  05:27 pm
Hepatocellular Carcinoma MicheleTry Hard02-12-12  05:07 pm
Post liver transplantmarlamarla02-10-12  01:27 pm
Stomach issues post transplantMohanTony01-19-12  02:52 am
Some news on pediatric liver transplants eded01-17-12  11:38 pm
Curiosity.....Pain in the liver?Amy TippinsTerri12-28-11  11:48 pm
Showing the scarsMohanTerri13 12-28-11  11:42 pm
A+ Liver Donorcrazydavecrazydave12-26-11  04:08 pm
Bad Newscarpediem4u2SunshineGurl18 12-24-11  10:38 pm
Molly Vesta bad newsdebbieLiver Giver12-24-11  12:21 am
Incision drainage after surgerycburgmomCarolK12-19-11  12:22 am
Advice for my sister in lawdebbieono17 12-17-11  12:04 am
Memory problems post Liver transplantStanleyMohan12-14-11  01:09 pm
Ascites after liver transplant?jennForest12-13-11  01:13 pm
trembling handsbobStephanie11-29-11  11:47 am
New & on waiting listS17papillonbleu55 11-28-11  04:42 pm
ColdsCarolKpapillonbleu11-28-11  10:57 am
Utterly overwhelmedEmilycactus11-21-11  01:06 am
Caution whilst drinking alcoholic beveragesHappy2BhereLiver Giver11-18-11  11:53 pm
Epsom salt safe with liver disease?bobAmy Tippins11-17-11  08:49 pm
Public exposure with supressed immune systemjj_bytesHappy2Bhere12 11-16-11  02:35 pm
Social Security Disabilty QuestionbobRita11-13-11  06:19 pm
Changing regionsMininghokieMariel11-10-11  07:15 pm
Hubby got his transplant!StephanieHostess Rise'11 11-08-11  02:35 pm
Weight Gain, fluid recentlymrmajestykpapillonbleu11-07-11  11:04 am
Question for fellow canadianslorilori11-07-11  01:41 am
low grade feverellenMohan11-01-11  07:18 pm
fatigue questionbobpapillonbleu10-27-11  04:48 pm
fatique qustion cont...bobbob10-24-11  02:56 am
Hepatic ArteryBlessedpapillonbleu10-21-11  11:49 am
Hair Loss after Liver TransplantAngelapapillonbleu10-21-11  11:46 am
Multi-vitaminsbobEunice B10-20-11  03:12 am
Rejection about 4 months! Please helpAngelajj_bytes10-18-11  11:06 am
Need a few words of encouragement.StephanieMariel13 10-16-11  03:23 pm
new to site on 15 years after my transplantPatrickTerri10-15-11  06:35 pm
my daddy....9 weeks and 4 days in ICURosannasurviver29 10-09-11  07:15 pm
Looking for chatters!CiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0710-08-11  11:42 am
mom has now been listed for a liver transplantjennAngela19 10-07-11  01:13 am
Question about paracentesis drain.bobTony10-07-11  12:46 am
burning and itchingloriJoe Berry10-05-11  11:18 pm
A few questions, advice post transplantmrmajestyksurviver10-05-11  03:23 am
ScaredCarolKsurviver10-05-11  03:12 am
Has anybody had TIPS for ascites?jennDaryl10 10-02-11  11:28 pm
Prograf & Kidney DisfunctionLindyBMohan09-23-11  01:48 pm
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